Engagement | Jessyka & Jaime

Jessyka and Jaime had a very clear idea for their engagement session- 1920's vintage style...the same style they would use for their "Great Gatsby" themed wedding on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. Jessyka found her whole wardrobe at a great vintage store in Los Angeles, finishing it off with pearls and delicate lace gloves. Jaime was the perfect "dapper" gentleman and I loved how easily they played and laughed together throughout the whole session, while also giving us a glimpse into their more romantic sides.

We started the session off at a train museum right below Griffith Park in Los Angeles. The light there was beautiful and became the perfect setting for their candid portraits. Since Jessyka is a wedding photographer herself, it was great to see her attention to detail and clear vision for the shoot.

We finished off the session at the popular Walt Disney Concert Hall. The highlight of the session for me was putting on some rag-time music and watching them dance on top of the stairs like they were straight out of Dancing with the Stars

Photography by: Tanya Parada

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