Amidst the cotton-candy skies and eager guests ready to brave the looming rain forecast, we all watched on as Carlos and Carmen became Mr. and Mrs. Urioste.
South Hills Country Club was a gorgeous wedding backdrop with a lake surrounded by varieties of tall trees and beautifully maintained grounds. To all of our delight, the sun peaked out just enough to get some sun-drenched photos of the bride and groom. 
The girls had a blast getting ready together at the Holiday Inn, opening gifts and toasting over champagne and doughnuts, while all the guys enjoyed "Not Your Father's Mountain Ale" in the room down the hall.
Guests greeted each other with hugs and selfies. Carlos stood, hands folded, anxiously waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle. Carmen, walked down by her little brother, looked so happy as she turned the corner to see Carlos waiting at the end of the aisle. 
They exchanged vows and rings, poured sand together, and walked away laughing arm-in-arm, excited to be in each other's company, excited to be married.

Photography: Tanya Parada

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