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All great relationships start with an introduction...

Hi there! I'm Tanya Parada
Founder & Lead Photographer 

So nice to meet you! I’m part hopeless romantic, part realist, part extrovert, part introvert. I appreciate the simple & finer things in life. I live for the in-between moments, the ones that matter even if they go unnoticed by others. I love a good cup or two of coffee in the morning, and maybe a well-crafted cocktail in the evening. I’m obsessed with light, clean compositions and creative story-telling. I love new perspectives- whether through a conversation with a stranger, reading, travel or experiencing the world through the eyes of my daughter. My super quality is making people feel comfortable on & off camera. 

What my couples are saying...

"Tanya is simply the best - like the song. But in all seriousness, she overdelivers. Her communication is incredible, her energy as a human being puts anybody (even the most photo-conscious people) immediately at ease. Her eye as a photographer is, well, I mean, if a picture is worth a thousand words, those images speak for themselves. She's truly an artist with tremendous range as a photographer." Cynthia & Brandon

"The pictures of my wife getting ready look like stills from a movie. Dramatic yet candid and simply beautiful. The pictures of the wedding are unbelievable. They look like they could hang in a gallery." Cyrus & Terry

"From our first Zoom meeting with Tanya, I knew we needed to do everything in our power to have her! She knew exactly what we wanted and went above and beyond...My mother in law calls her "the ninja"; she was everywhere, but was never in the way. Our pictures turned out absolutely perfect. Her direction and vision are incredible. She made it so easy on us and our families. If you want a photographer who goes above and beyond, has your back, and genuinely is gifted in what they do, HIRE TANYA!"
Gianna & Noah

Are we a photography match?

I believe your wedding story is as unique as the two of you.

I believe in conveying that story as authentically and creatively as possible. 

I believe that feeling at ease at your wedding should be a necessity, not a luxury.

I believe the best way to enjoy your photos is in printed form.

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