Your wedding day is one of the biggest investments of your future, and one of the most important as well. Everything from your prepared details to the unexpected moments will all be remembered and enjoyed by your family thanks to you investing in your wedding photography. What will those photos mean to you and your family years from now? 
My hope is that they will they still evoke emotions, memories, and tell the real story of your wedding day that you shared with the special people in your life. I'm invested in making sure I do everything within my power to make your experience everything you deserve for such a special day, pouring my heart and soul into capturing meaningful moments in an unique, appealing, and honest way, while making sure you feel and look your best. 
It's an absolute honor to work with amazing couples that have full trust in me as a photographer and as a person. So thank you!!   -Tanya Parada

2019 Wedding Collections start at $3000 and Engagement Sessions start at $500. Contact us for Elopement Pricing.
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