Engagement | Shannon & Caleb

Where do I start with these two beautiful people? Their grace, enthusiasm and kindness shown through from the moment they showed up at our door, ready for their session!

Of course I was going through my last-minute check-list, making sure I had grabbed everything we needed for the session. I asked, "anyone need water?" Caleb said- "I got it!" "Well how about snacks?" I said. He replied, "I got it!" "Well will we need a cooler or anything?" He smiled again and said, "Don't worry, we got you covered!" Of course in my mind I would've been overjoyed with water and crackers, but these two busted out a full charcuterie board of mixed cheeses, smoked yellow tail, and ingredients for Kentucky mules! I mean come on! How did we get so fortunate?

And I'm not bragging just to brag...this is how these two genuinely, unbelievably are! They are considerate and selfless. They even drove us up to the session location, blasted our favorite reggae jams and insisted on carrying our gear. But I was more in awe of how they interacted with each other, lighting up in each other's presence. And not that over-the-top affection, but more like the fun, yet deep connection that you can sense is the real deal. The joy they exude is infectious and I definitely wanted to take a leaf from their personality recipe book.

I have no doubt these two are madly in love. I have no doubt that they will be that couple that's 80 years old and still chasing after each other like it's a first date. I'm so grateful for them not only as clients but also now as our dear friends. We have the best job ever because of people like them!

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